From Costa Rica's beaches to the high-rise life in Panama City, Central America is a playground for solo travelers © Francesco Riccardo Iacomino / Getty Images

Central America is the sort of place where you can scan the rainforest canopy for monkeys in the morning, soak in volcano-heated hot springs at lunchtime and explore Mayan ruins in the afternoon, before chilling on a white-sand beach with a tropical beverage in hand as the sun sets over the Pacific.

Stretching from Guatemala to Panama, taking in seven tropical countries swaddled by beaches and rainforests, this region was tailor-made for overland travel. And ambitious solo travelers will have a field day making all their own choices without having to run each decision past a committee.

Backpackers are particularly well-served here, with busy traveler hubs offering inexpensive hostels, budget restaurants, abundant Spanish language programs and rollicking nightlife across the isthmus. For the days when you want some company, you won't struggle to find travel companions in Central America.