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Comedian George Carlin famously said, “A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.” And while, technically, he isn’t wrong, a house, whether it’s a historic Brooklyn town house outfitted in Danish modern decor or a newly built bungalow that celebrates maximalism in Los Angeles, is so much more than just a giant storage closet. After all, people enlist architects, designers, landscape artists, and art consultants (among various other types of interiors experts) to make their homes feel like their own personal oasis. That said, sometimes—especially as the pandemic has begun to wind down across the U.S.—we could use an escape from our primary residences when they start to feel a bit too familiar. Enter: luxurious private villas that are available to rent for as little or as long as you’re in the market for a short-term second home.